What We Do

Project Safeguard, founded in 1981 and incorporated in 1984, is a non-profit organization committed to helping end domestic violence by holding society responsible for developing, implementing and enforcing sanctions against abusers while increasing safety and survival options for victims of abuse and their children. Project Safeguard is dedicated to providing safety planning, legal advocacy, and direct court support to victims of domestic violence and abuse, ensuring their safety and survival.

Project Safeguard’s goal is to aid victims through advocacy and assistance in navigating the court system, court accompaniment, and other services; while also holding systems and society accountable for their response. We provide direct services while also striving to create social change for domestic violence victims through the following programs: To see better what we do, read “Only Four Lines?”

Direct Court Support:

We provide court support and courtroom advocacy to victims at temporary and permanent protection order hearings, as well as divorce/custody and other court hearings depending upon advocate availability. Click here to find more information on who to contact.

Safety and Survival Planning:

Safety and survival orientations for victims occur during protection order clinics to provide information about dynamics of domestic violence, safety planning with or without protection orders and community resources. Advocates are also available by appointment for in-depth safety planning sessions with victims.  Click here to learn more about creating a personalized safety plan. 

Phone Support:

Intervention, information, support and referrals through our advocacy line. Click here for contact information.

Legal Advocacy and Assistance (ProtectionOrders/Divorce/Custody):

Project Safeguard advocates are available to assist victims with completion of legal forms and to educate them about and prepare them for the legal process. Weekly attorney facilitated divorce/custody clinics aid victims with these complicated family law issues. Click here to learn more about legal clinics conducted by Project Safeguard.