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What We Do

What We Do

Project Safeguard (PSG) supports survivors of gender-based violence on their journey to increase safety for themselves and their families. We do this by providing non-attorney legal advocacy and attorney services that are designed to help our clients understand their rights and options within the civil legal system.


We strive to create social change and mitigate systemic trauma for gender-based violence survivors through the following programs:

Phone Support

Appointments, information, support, and referrals are available through our advocacy line at 720-618-3482 Monday through Thursday from 8am-5pm and Fridays from 8am to noon.

Legal Advocacy

PSG’s non-attorney Legal Advocates assist survivors of gender-based violence to understand and pursue civil legal solutions, including Civil Protection Orders (CPOs) and divorce and custody (Dissolution of Marriage and Allocation of Parental Responsibilities) cases. Services are provided in-person at PSG’s court-based offices and at the Rose Andom Center in Denver, as well as via phone, video, or email. Non-attorney Legal Advocates assist with safety planning, provide support in court proceedings, and refer victims to other resources they may need. Some survivors are referred to PSG’s Divorce and Custody Clinic and/or to an attorney through PSG’s in-house or contract attorney services.

Legal Clinics

English and Spanish Divorce and Custody Clinics are offered for PSG clients on a regular basis. During these clinics, an attorney walks through the paperwork to file these types of cases line by line. In-person and virtual options are available for these clinics. Please reach out to a Legal Advocate for more information.

Attorney Services

For many of the survivors we work with, non-attorney legal advocacy services sufficiently meet their needs. Those with more complex and dangerous legal cases benefit greatly from access to and support from a licensed attorney.

PSG’s Lawyers for Victims (LFV) program provides contract attorneys to represent some survivors in their permanent protection order cases. PSG also has in-house staff attorneys who can provide representation and consultation to some of the survivors we work with. Depending on availability, staff attorneys may be able to assist survivors who are navigating divorce and custody, housing, and other types of civil cases arising from their victimization. Referrals to attorney services are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and many factors are considered. There is no guarantee that a survivor will be represented by a PSG attorney and they must be working with a Legal Advocate to be eligible for these programs.

Anyone seeking services through PSG should contact us via phone or email for an initial screening.