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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Project Safeguard empowers and partners with people who have experienced gender-based violence, helping them navigate a course of survivor-driven justice through expert, trauma-informed legal advocacy and representation.

Our Vision

A community where survivor-driven justice is accessible to all people who have experienced gender-based violence.

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Our Values


Gender-based violence is understood.

Gender-based violence is inclusive of all coercive, abusive, and violent behavior based on gender that may be motivated by the desire for power and control. Domestic violence and abuse, stalking and sexual assault are some forms of gender-based violence.

The people helping you “get it.”

We accept, acknowledge, and address the emotional and physical trauma that each survivor has experienced. Gender-based violence affects every survivor differently. It is never their fault.

We hold systems accountable.

We demand that those systems believe survivors, acknowledge their biases, take action that promotes safety and healing, and repair the harm they caused. We use our power and privilege to dismantle systems of oppression and create a more just and equitable society.

It is defined by the survivor.

We recognize that survivors are the experts in their own experiences and respect their inherent strength, resourcefulness, and self-determination. We partner with survivors, honor their experiences, and elevate their voices. We insist that existing systems honor every survivors’ right to seek justice.

We take anti-racist action and pursue social justice.

We see and confront the intersectional oppressions experienced by survivors. Seeking true equity and inclusion demands that we join movements toward intersectional social justice. We strive for the staff, board members and volunteers of our organization to reflect the communities we serve.

We show respect.

We treat everyone with dignity and respect by honoring all identities and lived experiences and creating a safe space for healing. We hold systems and society accountable to do the same.